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We've worked with some of the largest public transit providers in Michigan, and we've learned a thing or two. Our team understands the public transit landscape. We've talked one-on-one with administrators, operators, and riders. We've built custom tools to solve their toughest challenges. And we've delivered results that we're proud of.

We didn't realize what a positive impact this mobile app would have on our riders and staff members. It's really helped us bring our transit experience into a new age.
Beth Gibbons
Manager of Communications & Education, SMART

Real-Time Bus Tracking

Where is my bus? How soon will it be here? It's a common struggle for regular riders. We use real-time data to help riders track the exact location of their bus on its route. Our team turns complex data into meaningful information that improves the reliability and accuracy of trip planning, scheduling and more.


All transit providers have one goal in common–encourage more people to adopt public transit into their daily routine. To accomplish this, we build solutions like scheduling tools, to simplify public transit and eliminate excuses.

User Testing

Our projects are backed by data, not opinions. To ensure that we're leaving nothing to chance, we collect data by observing user behavior. We talk and listen to real users as they explain their experiences. We help determine which questions need to be answered, and lead a range of tests to simplify how users find what they need and understand what they find.

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