Gage Dansby is a Content Strategist on Team UXicorns, helping ensure that your websites are well-structured, written, and designed for content excellence. Gage graduated from Adrian College with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts & Sciences with a minor in Journalism. Currently, he is a graduate student and teaching assistant at Central Michigan University working to earn his Master of Arts in Communication.

Get To Know Gage

What do you love most about working in UX?

UX and content strategy really encourage me to explore my creativity to help our clients create the best web content possible. I'm always grateful that UX challenges me with new opportunities whenever a client is looking for a specific message that they want to express to their customers. Additionally, working with multiple clients that have different needs exposes me to ways of creating content that I have not thought of previously, that way I'm always advancing my skill set to help others in the future.

Are there any specific industries you've worked with in the past?

Previous industries I've worked in include local radio, such as helping productions for some of Lansing's 92.1 FM shows back when it was a sports-centric station. I've also been a part of filmmaking, being the associate producer of the documentary Without Wax: A Story of True Evil which won awards for best documentary in film festivals across the country. In the realms of marketing and content strategy, I've developed marketing plans, social media content, and assisted with Google Ads and SEO campaigns for the local business Dog Gone Fun in Okemos, MI.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a meteorologist, a.k.a the local TV weatherman. Then I got into school and realized natural science was not my strong suit...

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