The Outfield Apartments


  • Award-Winning Design
  • Floor Plan Showcase
  • Animated Elements
  • Integrated Virtual Tour
The Outfield website on a laptop, with awards in the background

Award-Winning Design

The Outfield is a unique living experience. We felt that something this special deserves a one-of-a-kind design. Playful animations, a bright color palette, and high-quality images brought the website to life–and earned us a few awards.
2016 ADDY Award
2016 ADDY Award
2016 W3 Award
2016 W3 Award
2016 Davey Award
2016 Davey Award


Visual Floor Plans & Tours

We wanted potential residents to visualize what it’s like living at The Outfield. Detailed floor plans show the layout of each unit and its amenities. For a truly immersive experience, integrated virtual tours allow users to step inside each unit at anytime, from any device.

The Outfield logo

An Immersive Experience

The new website needed to hook the interest of potential residents. So we added a touch of flair with animated elements. Icons jump as users scroll through the homepage. Callout buttons and menu items react when hovered over. Living at The Outfield is a fun, interactive experience, and so we built their website to reflect that.

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Supporting Community Growth

Our team was thrilled to play a role in promoting this innovative project. The Outfield helped generate excitement around the Lansing downtown district, including Cooley Law School Stadium. Its success has led to more development and higher demand for downtown attractions.


The new website needed to create excitement around the project and help fill vacant units. We met both goals with exceptional results. The Outfield had 100 percent occupancy after launch, and increased awareness led to media mentions at a local and national level.
apartment occupancy after launch


Oct. 6, 2015
Project Kickoff

Oct. 12, 2015
Design Complete

Oct. 21, 2015
Development Complete

Nov. 3, 2015
Website Launch

Never Playing Catchup

Our team delivers consistent, high quality work, regardless of timeline or budget constraints. We have dedicated project managers that excel at meeting tight deadlines.

The Outfield website had a quick turnaround; the entire process was completed in one month! For this kind of timeline to work, it requires regular feedback and support from the client, an experienced project manager, and a proven process. Good thing we had all three!

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